What Builder’s Risk Covers and What it Doesn’t

Let’s talk about what a Builder’s Risk Policy is for: Builder’s Risk Insurance covers buildings and structures under brand-new ground-up construction or minor remodeling of existing structures, such as interior remodels and ‘gut rehabs.’ Typically it covers the same types of things as regular property insurance, such as damage from theft, fire, vandalism, wind, hail, and other accidental loss or damage to the property. It also provides coverage for theft or damage to materials not yet installed,


The Perfect Storm

Have you ever heard the phrase “The Whole Town Is under Water”? I think we should look at our chances of 2017 being the real deal. In June of 2001, Tropical Storm Allison dumped her water on this city and turned high ground into people seeking refuge on tops of roofs, hoods of cars and being rescued by boats and Coast Guard Helios.


Should You Insure and Bond Your Small Business?

Thinking about starting a small business or just started a small business?  Then you need to add getting your business bonded and insured to your “to do” list.  Certain businesses are required to be properly insured and bonded in some states. Thankfully you can find plenty of resources online to help you make these decisions or you can give us a call – we’ll help you through the process!


Before You Go, Check Your Travel Insurance

It used to be that a passport, credit card, travel insurance, and a relaxed attitude were the only true holiday essentials.

But now, electronics and other valuables are traveling staples, from iPads to professional-quality digital camera. Not to mention the scores of honeymooners heading abroad with a small fortune on their fingers. 


Meeting the Health Exchange Deadline

An extra month was given states by the Obama administration to decide whether or not they plan to operate their own health insurance exchanges.  Governors asked for more time since the re-election ensured the survival of Obama’s healthcare overhaul. Opponents of the plan held high hopes that a victory for Republican Mitt Romney would ultimately result in the law’s repeal.


5 Things Real Estate Offices Need to Know About Health Care Reform

Real estate offices have so many things to worry about as it is – managing staff, keeping pace with new listings, marketing to attract new customers, and making a profit in today’s challenging economies.

Are things about to get even more hectic now that the Supreme Court has upheld the majority of the Affordable Care Act?


Rain, Snow, Freezing Temperatures and Your Home

With rain, snow and freezing temperatures in the forecast across much of the country, homeowners need to act to prevent possible damage.

From 1986 through 2011, winter storms accounted for $23.1 billion in losses nationwide, with wind, hail and flood adding another $9.3 billion. To limit the possible damage from these winter risks,


Identifying Business Risk

Running a business can be a dangerous occupation with many different types of risk. Some of these potential hazards can destroy a business, while others can cause serious damage that can be costly and time consuming to repair. Despite the risks implicit in doing business, CEOs and/or risk management officers – no matter the size of the business,


The Re-Election and Its Implications for the Insurance Industry

The re-election of Barack Obama as president of the U.S. will serve as an omen: current policies will be maintained.

The implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial services reform law is included as well as healthcare reform.

 “This was a status quo election,” says Eli Lehrer, president of the Washington-based R Street Institute.


Storm Damage – What’s Covered, What’s Not

In the wake of a storm, homeowners may have questions about what damages are covered by insurance. 

While each insurance policy differs, Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine offers the following examples of what is and is not covered in a typical homeowner’s policy: 

  • Flood damage. Standard homeowners and renters insurance does not cover flood damage.