W. R. Berkley Files Suit Against West Fertilizer Plant Owner

Subsidiaries of W. R. Berkley Corp filed a subrogation lawsuit against the owner of the Texas fertilizer plant that exploded destroying the majority of the community, according to court documents.  Acadia Insurance Company, Continental Western Insurance Company, Union Standard Insurance Company and Union Standard Lloyd are the insurers in one of two lawsuits filed against Adair Grain,


Why You Need Event Insurance


Do you host large annual parties at your home?  Do you ever think about the liability you’re exposing yourself to when you do this?  If you’re like most people, you don’t realize that hosting a large event where alcohol is served creates a liability for you for any alcohol related accidents.  While most event venues will require you to purchase event insurance to host a function at their premises,


Architects & Engineers Errors & Omissions Market Hardening


The Professional Liability market is currently being characterized by insurance brokers as full of capacity with comparably stable rates, even though higher excess limits are substantially harder to obtain than they used to be.  The Architects and Engineers (A&E) market is hardening as result of fewer construction projects than in previous years. 


Tips for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and billions of people will join in efforts around the world to create awareness and give tips for saving our planet.  We at Baty & Associates, LLC want to do our part in spreading the word to help save our environment.  In support of Earth Day we’re also going to give you some tips for Going Green. 


Spring Cleaning Your Insurance Policies


It’s the time of year for renewing and refreshing everything in your life.  Normally, you think about your home, your yard, and your office, but rarely do you think about your insurance policies.  For most people, the last time they looked at their policies to determine if they have adequate coverage was the day they wrote that particular line of coverage. 


New Workers’ Compensation Formula


A key piece of the workers’ compensation formula has been reworked, but it only changes workers’ compensation premiums and not the rates charged for each classification code. According to Tony DiDanto, director and senior actuary at the National Council on Compensation Insurance, the change resulted in most insured’s seeing a slight decrease. 


Small Percentage of Businesses Notify Customers About Data Breaches

In a survey conducted by Ponemon Institute it was revealed that more than half of small US businesses have experienced a data breach and only one third of them sent customer’s notifications about the event. This is pretty unbelievable and illegal.  Your proprietary information has been breached and the company doesn’t have the courtesy to notify you! 


Spring is the Season for Weddings and Liability

Weddings are an event that are typically planned for over a year.  It’s supposed to be a happy day for the bride, groom, family, and friends.  However, there are many unforeseen issues that can wreak havoc on your wedding day.  Luckily, there’s an insurance policy available that can provide coverage for some of these issues. 


Golfer’s Day Highlights

Today is Golfer’s Day.  In honor of today, we’re going to give you some PGA history and highlight a local country club. 

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) held its first championship tournament on this day in 1916.  Britisher James Barnes won the first PGA Championship title.   A lot has changed in the PGA since that day in 1916. 


Garden Tips for the Texas Climate – Part II


In our last blog, we gave you some tips on how to build your garden beds and what to look for when buying your plants.  Today we’re going to discuss how to take care of your gardens so your plants can survive and flourish.  In addition, we’ll give you a few tips for a full green lawn.