Large Insurance Groups Face New York Inquiries about Cyber Preparedness


On Tuesday the New York State Department of Financial Services sent letters to insurers asking if they have faced any cyber-attacks in the last three years.  The State Department also wanted to know what safeguards they have in place and how much money they’ve set aside to deal with cyber issues.  Been Lawsky,


How to Become an Insurance Salesperson


Are you interested in becoming an insurance salesperson?  Yet, you’re not sure where to begin or what skills you will need.  In order to become an insurance salesperson better known in the industry as a producer, you will need an insurance license, knowledge of the insurance products, and a great personality. 


Graduation Party Risks


Graduation time is right around the corner.  This is an important moment in every teenager’s life.  It took a lot of hard work and perseverance for both you and your child to get here.  Graduation parties to celebrate the accomplishment are extremely popular.  As a responsible parent, you tell your child that there will be no alcohol for minors. 


What You Should Know About Surplus Lines Policies


Insurance companies that are licensed by a state to sell insurance in that state are known as admitted insurance companies.  Admitted insurance companies are subject to that state’s rules and regulations.  Insurance companies in the surplus lines (also known as the excess and surplus lines) market are non-admitted insurance companies.  Non-admitted companies are not subject to state rules and regulations.


Garagekeepers Insurance


According to a California broker specializing in the auto services industry, even though an auto repair shop or a gas station may seem like an easy risk to insure, there are some coverages that are misunderstood.  Earl VanBuskirk, Jr. (assistant vice president at a Heffernan Insurance Brokers) said, “Any of your auto repair – general auto repair,


Self Employed Consultants – Why You Need Insurance

Are you a self-employed consultant working from your home?  Do you think that your homeowners insurance protects you from your business exposure?  Or, do you believe that you don’t need insurance at all?  Even if you work from home, you still have business liability exposures associated with your line of work. 

There are number of self-employed consultants who believe they do not need this insurance. 


Certificates of Liability Insurance


A Certificate of Liability Insurance is a legal form issued to identify liability coverages on behalf of a commercial insured.  The industry standard form used is the ACORD.  Certificates of Liability Insurance are required when a business engages in the services of another and wants to know the liability coverages of the service provider. 


Letting Someone Borrow Your Car


One of the most commonly asked questions in the personal lines department is “if I let other’s borrow my car, are they covered?”  The answer to this question depends on the type of auto policy you have.  At Baty & Associates we only write “broad form” auto policies, so letting someone other than a household member drive your car is not a problem. 


Deadly Driving Distractions


People who are distracted while driving place themselves, their passengers, and others in danger. Those who use handheld devices are four times more likely to get into an accident that causes fatalities. This is why 11 states ban cell phone use while driving.  Tragedies also result from distracted driving other than cell phone use. 


Prepare for Hurricane Season


Hurricane season in Texas officially begins on June 1 until November 30.  This year, weather forecasters are expecting a major hurricane to strike along the Texas Gulf Coast.  Coastal areas have the highest risk of being affected by hurricanes and tropical storms. However, tropical storm systems can travel hundreds of miles inland causing wind damage,