Health Insurance Premiums for Employer-Sponsored Insurance Plans

Employers have long been sponsoring health insurance plans for their employees. It’s indeed an effective gesture to let employees know they are valued. However, the recent trend with reference to premium growth for health insurance plans has received mixed reactions from the buyers and insurers/users.

It’s been more than a decade that health insurance premiums have been showing an upward trend.


Changing Climate Makes an Impression on Insurance Policy Makers

There have been a lot of climatic disasters in recent years, ranging from the disastrous drought in the Midwest, to sand storms along the East Coast, which have all cost exorbitant loss of life as well as property. Many scientists claim that these natural destructions have occurred due to the rapidly changing climatic conditions.

Of course,


What is a Data Breach?

You’ve seen it in the headlines. Hundreds of data breaches, often at large corporations, happen every year – and consumers suffer the consequences.

Data breaches have become a constant reality of a connected world. Although many people choose to ignore the problem, you can take steps to defend yourself.

What is a data breach?


Lawsuit Proof Your Pool

With the dog days of summer upon us, here’s hoping your pool party doesn’t belly-flop into a lawsuit.

When it comes to potential pool party liability, safety is key. Before you fire up the grill and play another round of “Marco Polo,” take all the necessary pool safety precautions —


Research Shows US Consumers Fail to Understand Health Insurance

Health Insurance is beneficial for everyone and more Americans are expected to have an increased choice in health care insurance options this fall, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Recent research has however shed new light on the ability of consumers to make informed decisions on their insurance plans. The study was conducted by Loewenstein,


Hassle Free Insurance Displays on Phones in Texas

Good news for all those who live in Texas. No more will they have to worry about taking everything out of every pocket or dig around in their handbag, in search of insurance cards. Glove compartments could also hold some other important documents instead of insurance papers. In less than 45 days, all Texans will be able to show accurate and updated insurance cards on their cell phones!


Senate Immigration Legislation and the Impact on Health Care

The Senate will very soon pass a landmark immigration bill to boost the U.S. economy and create new roads for citizenship, but will generally do little to solve the health care disparities faced by immigrants in the United States.

Leighton Ku, PhD, MPH, conducted a report looking into the Senate bill and came to the conclusion that the new bill will give new opportunities to people to earn citizenship in the United States,


A Recent Survey Highlights Issues Faced by Small Businesses

Small businesses may be feeling more confident about the US economy right now, but that doesn’t exactly translate into their progress. A large number of them are still struggling and going through several issues that have been hindering their progress. A recent survey which was taken by the National Small Business Association concludes this. 


Health Care Reform Mandate Gets Pushed Back

The Obama administration has decided to delay the health care employer’s mandate so that all businesses have additional time to prepare for them. This news was announced through a blog post recently published by Mark Mazur on the Treasury Department website. Mark Mazur serves as the assistant Treasury secretary.

The Affordable Care Act requires those organizations that have more than 50 employees to provide medical coverage to their staff members.