Are Gadget Insurances Worth the Money?

It is a great time of the year what with the festivities, the celebrations and the shopping deals available. The holidays have come and gone and some are still here, and with them come shopping and the launch of so many sales and discounts. This is that time of the year when you buy plenty of electronic gadgets because they are often available at attractive prices.

Number of People Eligible for Help With Buying Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act

By the Numbers Breakdown of Americans Eligible for Health Insurance (Infographic)

A by-the-numbers breakdown of how many Americans are eligible for health insurance premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act.



by curiona.
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Obamacare Flaws and Making the Health Reform Program Better for Everyone

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect and is characterized by major blunders. You may have already heard about this because this is what most of the news has been about. Can the new health reforms be made better? Obviously, the answer is yes. But is the government ready to do anything about this.


Obamacare Affects the Performance of Businesses

The new healthcare policies have affected quite a few businesses or so a recent survey claims. Companies have started to reduce their hours, have become interested in hiring part-time employees and prefer people whose ages are less than 50. Not doing so probably implies they would have a lot in insurance or so they think.


How to Decrease Auto Insurance Premiums

In the past few years, car insurance has risen rapidly. Considering the past 25 years, rates have risen by 43% on an average, but in some states, it is even more than this. According to a recent survey, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to maintain their auto expenses, particularly in those families that earn an average income.


Health Insurance Should Not Be Purchased From the Exchanges

The Obamacare health exchanges are now open, but as you may already be aware, they were undergoing a couple of issues in their initial period. Keeping these in mind, it would be better if you skip the exchanges altogether and buy your health insurance from elsewhere.

In the first month,


Top 4 Winter Tips to Protect Your Home against the Big Chill

Wet weather, colder days and the threat of the big chill hitting the US means Americans are well and truly gearing up for winter. If you haven’t already done so, now would be a good time to get you and your home ready for the colder months ahead. To help you we’ve created some winter top tips just for you.


Efforts to Delay Flood Insurance Polices Go in Vain

Just recently, a significant amount of efforts were made to delay implementation of the flood insurance program, but unfortunately they all went to waste. The House Financial Services Committee claims that they are already aware of the complaints that have been raised because of the new program. But because of the pressure on their shoulders,


Bad Credit Report? Get Ready for Even Higher Premiums for Your Car

So you feel that your zip code just marred the otherwise good insurance premium that you could have gotten on your vehicle? Wrong, provide information on your credit, and if it is low, you might be offered the worst premiums ever.

A reputed firm decided to study the effect of credit score on your auto premiums.


Obama Care Says Try Again

The HealthCare.gov site experienced a disastrous start but hopefully the situation has been amended. The site was repaired and a good 90% of the people were easily able to create accounts for themselves on their second try.

According to the reports, the website was fixed last week around noon. No problems have been reported since then.