Do You Really Need Every Insurance Policy Out There?

In the simplest of words, no.  Yes, you need one for your home and for your health, even for your car but what about the rest? We do not think there is any dire need.


Here are a few that you can do away with:

Rental Car Insurance

Auto insurance is something you definitely need.


Healthcare Reform Met its Goal, but Who’s Going to Deal with the Challenges?

The Obama Administration claims there were over seven million signups for the new healthcare laws. Yes, quite a huge number, but it still does not mean that the New Health Reform is going to be a success. Another enrollment season is due on the 15th of November this year, but there are major challenges along the way.


Wedding Insurance… Should You Buy or Not?

Your big day is just around the corner, and all the preparations are underway.  There is nothing that can go wrong with all that you have planned for your wedding day. But despite your efforts, what if it does? You might not be considering this, but the truth is there are many ways in which your wedding can go wrong.


Paying Too Much for Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

How much are you paying for auto insurance premiums? Among all the expenses that we have to pay, auto insurance can be one of the greatest. A survey estimates that on an average, annual insurance premiums are nearly $1,000. So is there something that you can do about this and pay the lowest possible amount in premiums?

Will Severe Weather Increase Insurance Premiums?

The climate is changing all over the world, with global warming being the prime cause. This has surfaced a new opinion in the insurance industry. Are your home premiums going to rise because of this rise in severe weather? Homeowners are trying to find an answer to this, but all the experts have their lips sealed and are refraining from talking about this issue in front of the press or the media.


How to Find Affordable Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver

Is your teenager about to get a driving license? This worries so many parents because they fear they will have to pay excessive insurance costs, which is true. When a teenager is added onto an insurance policy, the rates rise by 20% at least. In some cases, the increase in rates is as much as 200%.


What Is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance is now a rather important part of doing business. According to The Wall Street Journal, due to the new trend in cyber-hacking, companies are being drawn towards buying cyber insurance. This is because some of the companies have faced a lot of trouble due to hackers and content that  infringes upon another party’s intellectual property on their websites.


HVAC Safety Tips for Spring

For individuals owning furnaces and other HVAC units, it’s important to keep safety in mind as the spring and summer season approaches.

“Many homeowners don’t realize the potential risk factors involved when their HVAC unit is not properly maintained after the cold winter months,” says Interstate Co-Owner Raymond Kishk.