Despite Positive Stats 55% Not in Favor of Obamacare

Obamacare has one good outcome: most Americans are now covered. According to the latest stats, there are just 13% Americans who are not covered for health insurance. Last year, this value was 18%. Ever since 2008, this year has recorded the lowest value ever.

The percentage of uninsured Americans started falling when online healthcare exchanges opened up and offered affordable health coverage plans to all individuals.


Obamacare May Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums

Are you a fan of Obamacare? Or are you against it? Obamacare has received a mix of opinions, but they might have a great outcome – why? Auto insurance premiums might drop. What does healthcare have to do with the auto industry? Actually, there is a link because a lot of healthcare claims are related to road injuries and accidents.


Is Your Home Protected from Storm Damage?

Did you know that a general home insurance policy does not protect you from storms and other natural disasters? What should you do? If you live in an area where floods are frequent or the region often witnesses heavy rainfall, you should buy flood coverage and other extra policies that are usually not included in your home insurance policy.


Certain Dog Breeds Can Affect Home Insurance Premiums

Dogs are adorable. We love them, but unfortunately your home insurance provider might not. In fact, they can refuse to give you coverage.  Even though your dog will not bite anyone because you have trained it so well, insurance companies regard them to be pretty aggressive creatures, and charge you higher premiums if you own a dog.


Summer Vehicle Inspection Tips for the Open Road

It is summer and you can’t wait to get out on the road to head to the cabin, on vacation or just a nice carefree ride with the windows down. But while you may be ready to go, is your car? These quick vehicle inspection tips will help you make sure your vehicle is ready for the open road.


Do You Mind Paying Higher Restaurant and Grocery Bills to Provide Health Insurance to Workers?

If you were asked to pay a surcharge when dining at a restaurant, fueling your car or buying from the supermarket, would you do it? This extra amount would help businesses provide medical coverage to their workers.  A recent survey asked the respondents this same question, and most of them answered with a yes.


Are You a Lazy Insurance Shopper?

Do you feel your premiums are rising quite rapidly for all of your insurance policies? Not a surprise; you are being targeted due to lazy shopping. We know you don’t like the sound of this but this is part of the reason why you should be shopping for policies the right way. We can help you with this – just click here to contact us.


Myths Associated with Auto Insurance

There are so many myths related to auto insurance. Should you believe any of them? There are a lot of conversations that revolve around this topic and most of them are full of things that have been made up or just aren’t true. We’re going to take a look at a few of them so that you can avoid falling for them,


How to Choose the Best Assisted Living for Your Parents

Seventy percent of people age 65 and older will need long-term care at some point in their lives, according to a 2014 study by CareScout, a division of Genworth Financial Services.

“But that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their quality of life,” says Peder Johnsen, CEO of Concordis Senior Living,


Traffic Tickets that Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Were you ever given a traffic ticket? Yeah, we know the experience is humiliating, but that is not the only drawback. Traffic tickets affect your budget as well. You will have to pay a fine, and since your driving history is no longer clean, your insurance rates will most likely increase.  A study claims that for just one violation,