Unusual Events Not Covered by Your Policy

You do have a homeowner’s policy, don’t you? Do you know everything about it? While you may think you do, there are things you’re probably not aware of. There are so many homeowners who have misconceptions about their policies and the coverage levels they are offered. We will highlight some of the most unusual below:


Is your home having an electrical problem?


11 Storms Expected this Season: Are You Protected?

Do you know about the storm predictions that have been made for this year? According to the Weather Channel, there will be 11 storms in 2014, and 5 of them will be hurricanes. The severity of these hurricanes has been predicted to be intensive, and if you do not take protective measures now,


What to Do When Your Car is Totaled

You were in an accident and now your car is completely totaled. You cannot drive it anymore so what should you do with it? Just sell it off or try to get it repaired? This depends on a number of things; the condition of your car, the efforts you are willing to put in and the amount the insurance company will give you. 


Pool Safety Tips: How to Avoid Injuries

Pools and spas can be lots of fun, but they can also be very dangerous-especially to children. The Home Safety Council encourages families to follow the safety steps below to avoid injuries in and around pools and spas.

-When children are in or near the water, a grownup should watch them very carefully.


How Much Life Insurance Should You Purchase?

Making your family financially stable and considering the long term planning for your family is one of the major steps one can take in order to secure your future. This step would require you to purchase a life insurance policy so that you can meet your family’s needs even when you are no longer with them.


How to Choose the Perfect Health Insurance Policy

Choosing an appropriate health insurance plan can be a difficult decision for an individual or family. Among the various options available, an individual is bound to get bewildered. Opting for a plan because it is cheap would not be a sensible decision. You need to take some time out to consider every factor that would determine a plan that is ideal for you and your families’ health.


70% of All Home Accidents Occur in the Bathroom

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 70 percent of all accidents occurring in the home happen in the bathroom — accounting for nearly 200,000 accidents each year. 

While it’s difficult to eliminate risks entirely, you can make your bathroom safer for the whole family by following a few simple steps: 


Buying a Home? What You Need to Know about Homeowners Insurance

Planning to buy a home this year? You will probably need to buy insurance as well. Nowadays storms and other natural disasters have become more frequent, and with the rise in claims, many insurance providers are no longer flexible in the costs or the coverage. With every provider, different polices will protect you against different circumstances.


Prepare for Hurricane Season with this Checklist












Hurricane season officially began on June 1st, so now is the time for home and business owners to take steps to protect their property. The checklists below provide practical steps to take before the summer storm season begins.


Spring Cleaning Chores Create a Number of Safety Hazards

Many people across the country are celebrating the end of a long, cold winter by de-cluttering their homes and tackling a growing list of other spring cleaning projects around the house. Whether you’re starting up the lawn mower for the first time this season, climbing a seldom-used ladder, or simply moving furniture to clean those hard-to-reach places,