Errors & Omissions and Rookie Real Estate Agents

With the housing market on the rebound, people may be attracted to a career as a real estate agent. Rookie agents can be prone to mistakes, which is why E&O insurance is important for these professionals. The following are some of the most common errors made by inexperienced agents:

Failing to keep in touch with clients

One of the most important aspects of the agent-client relationship is communication.


Why Should You Get Auto Insurance for Your Business?

Auto insurance for vehicles is fairly common and nearly everyone has it. What about your business vehicles? Have you insured them? Business auto insurance is just as important as personal auto insurance. Should there an accident, you will be covered for all damages and liabilities. You will also be protected against thefts and other unfortunate incidents.


The Real Cost of Auto Theft (Info-Graphic)

Auto theft is one of the most common crimes in the U.S., and if it happens to you, the hidden costs can easily break the bank. With thieves becoming more brazen every day, your best defense is a high-tech recovery device that gets your car back quickly and with less damage. A speedy recovery makes a huge difference in cost and convenience,


Cyber Insurance is becoming a Must for Businesses…Are You Covered?

Does your business require you to store sensitive details of your clients? Even if that is not so, your company will have data that is sensitive. In the online world, cyber crime has become common and many intruders lurk around trying to gain access to your network and steal your information. What if these people succeed?


Protect Your Business from Floods… Get Coverage Today!

Floods are a common problem in the U.S. and cause an extensive amount of damage whenever they strike. A report, published by a reputed insurance institute claims that almost 90% of disasters involve some flooding.   Another study states that whenever a natural disaster strikes, nearly 25% of businesses shut down and never re-open.


Get Yourself Covered this Summer

Summer is here, a season filled with fun and excitement. What vacation plans do you have? Before you indulge in any of them, buy a policy and protect yourself. Not many people pay attention to this, but you should not be among these. Everyone with a pool, a boat or plans to rent out their home to use as a rental home should have at least the following coverage:

Pool Insurance

We are sure you love diving in the pool and taking a break during the hot days.


Business Owners, Do You Have Commercial Insurance?

So you are a proud business owner of a thriving company. As flourishing as your company may be; what if the tables suddenly turned against you? You can never determine when a misfortune will strike. For all these unforeseen situations, it is better to seek protection through purchasing commercial insurance and keep both your business and your finances protected.


Buying Condo Insurance? Know these Facts First

A condo is different from a house in terms of many features, which is why condo insurances are separate from a homeowner’s policy. As a condo owner, you just have to insure the unit in which you live in most instances. However, variations do exist depending on your homeowners association,


How to Prepare Older Loved Ones for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is upon us, and just two years after Sandy, AARP is reminding older residents, their families and friends to get ready early this hurricane season.  While Sandy claimed victims as young as toddlers, it was crueler to the city’s elderly, with 27 New Yorkers aged 65 or older perishing in the storm.