Factors that Decide What You Pay for Health or Life Insurance (Info-Graphic)

There are many factors that go into deciding the price one pays for their health or life insurance, ranging from what you eat and drink, to your job and hobbies. If you find yourself paying more than you would like for your cover, the following information might open your eyes to your own impaired risk,


Excess Liability Insurance is Your Friend

Anything that provides you extra protection that is basically beyond the scope of your other insurance policies is part of your excess liability insurance. Personal excess insurance is similar to an umbrella policy.

Excess insurance acts as a shield in situations like injuries in your home or on your property,


Buying Auto Insurance? Things You Need To Know First

Before you start your search for the right auto insurance, it is essential that you have adequate knowledge regarding it. Although you probably already know these things, you will be surprised how many are clueless in terms of auto insurance. Here are a few basic yet important things that you need to know before you buy:



Americans Still Drive Themselves to Work Alone

Follow us A recent Census release discussed changes in bicycling and walking to work since 2000. Local governments have actively promoted walking and bicycling, sometimes as explicit criteria for new development.

Based on the Census data, tabulations from the National Association of Homebuilders show that from 2000 to 2012, the U.S.


Quake Coverage is Becoming Essential

Quakes have become common, especially in some parts of the country. Should one strike, it can damage your home to a significant extent and cause you to lose thousands of dollars in repairs. So how do you prevent this from happening? An insurance policy, but your homeowner’s insurance policy is not enough,


From Delivery Trucks to Large Fleets – is Your Commercial Business Protected?

The importance of an insured commercial vehicle becomes very apparent when you realize the liability you place your business in each time they deliver product for your business. From a single delivery truck to a large fleet of them, making sure that you have all vehicles as well as the drivers safely protected is a major factor to contribute to your success.


Cybersecurity for Savvy Business Owners

Cybersecurity should be one of your business’ highest priorities, yet many employers think that just changing your password regularly is sufficient.

While it’s certainly wise to cycle your passwords frequently and avoid public Wi-Fi, there are some less obvious ways for businesses to thwart future cyberattacks.

Savvy business owners should check out these three cybersecurity tricks you may not have considered:



Disability Insurance for Your Business


If you are a small business owner, you probably already have insurance policies for protecting yourself against liabilities that may arise. Generally, a company carries professional liability coverage, life insurance or a bundled business owner’s policy. All the policies cover a variety of situations except for one important factor.


Protect Your Business Investments with Commercial Property Insurance

Have you protected the future of your business? You never know when a minor hiccup or a major loss will happen. Your ownership status may vary but if it is your business, you need it for protecting the physical assets from both unanticipated accidents and disasters.

Property losses can be determined either on “actual cash value” or on “replacement cost.” However,