How to Be a Heimlich Hero

Three siblings sit in their kitchen enjoying a bedtime snack of sliced oranges. One of them accidently takes too big a bite and suddenly his face is red and he can’t breathe. A routine activity has turned into a choking emergency. Without a second thought, an older sibling wraps his arms around his brother and performs the Heimlich maneuver.


Tips for Staying Healthy When You Fly

Ebola cropping up on American shores has spawned a wave of fear and concern. But as health experts remind us, the dread disease can only be spread through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is symptomatic. As such, Ebola need not be of great concern to the average airline traveler.

But picking up cold and flu germs on an airplane is a commonplace complaint.


Medicare Open Enrollment – What You Need to Know

AARP encourages everyone with Medicare to take advantage of this year’s Medicare Open Enrollment period October 15th–December 7th to review their health and prescription drug plans for 2015. AARP wants people to know the Medicare plan changes that can be made, the four things to consider, and how to make changes.

“Whether you have original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan,


Water Damage Causes 9.1 Billion in Annual Homeowner Property Losses

If you think water damage isn’t a real threat for millions of Americans, consider this: water damage caused $9.1 billion in annual homeowner property losses over a three-year period, according to a 2011 ACE Insurance Underwriters study. Despite that, many people don’t worry about protecting their home against water damage because they believe their home is safe so long as it isn’t located on a flood plain.


A Conversation about Breast Health

While breast cancer awareness has greatly increased over the last two decades, a recent national survey found that women and families are not talking enough about breast health. Eighty-seven percent of women said they could talk to their daughters about anything, but less than half said they have actually talked with their daughters about breast cancer.


Six Myths about the Flu and the Truth Behind Them

Ready for this year’s flu season? You may think you know a lot about flu prevention and treatment – but being wrong about the flu can make you downright ill. Here are six myths about the flu, and the truth behind them.


Myth 1: Cold weather will give you the flu.


Cars Have Become Our Home Away from Home

Our homes may be our castles, but as we do more and spend more time in our vehicles, our four-wheeled chariots are not too far behind.

We eat, talk, work, and sometimes even dress in our vehicles. We do things we’re not supposed to – specifically, texting. And we’re increasingly imposing the same behavior on our cars that we do on our houses.


CKD – the Silent Killer

How much thought have you given your kidneys lately? Actually, have you ever thought about your kidneys?

Your kidneys clean your blood by removing waste and excess fluid, maintain the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, and help regulate blood pressure. When the kidneys become damaged, waste products and fluid can build up in the body.


Trick or Treat Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe this Halloween

More than 40 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 hit the trick-or-treat trails on Halloween. The nation’s emergency physicians advise parents to review these safety guidelines with their children to avoid injury.

1. If possible, have children trick-or-treat at organized Halloween festivities, such as local churches, shopping malls or schools.


Ebola Facts

For many reasons, the outbreak of Ebola virus centered in West Africa is frightening. Still, chances are very low that you will be exposed here in the United States. With that being said, here are 10 essential facts about Ebola that may help to ease your fears:

The current Ebola outbreak is most widespread and intense in West Africa.