Tips for Planning the Big Game-Watching Party

When hosting a big game day party, you plan the food, TV location, seating arrangements and decorations for your big game-watching party. In the same fashion, Ted Harper, the team sports dietitian of the New England Patriots, meticulously plans the diets of his team members to maximize each player’s performance and recovery.

While your guests probably aren’t experiencing the same hard hits as the players on the field,


Seeking Better for You Foods is Downright Confusing (Recipe Included)

Should you buy eggs instead of cereal? Popcorn in place of pretzels? For consumers seeking “better-for-you” foods at the grocery store, these types of decisions can feel overwhelming, and for some, time-consuming.

With the help of the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System, making healthier decisions at store shelves becomes easier and quicker. Developed by a team of recognized experts,


How to Deal with Creepy-Crawly Restless Leg Syndrome

 A creepy-crawly feeling. An irresistible urge to move your legs. The inability to sit still for long periods of time. These are common complaints of those living with moderate-to-severe restless leg syndrome (RLS), a progressive and chronic condition that affects 2-3 percent of U.S. adults.


RLS is a neurologic disorder that causes these symptoms and it is no laughing matter.


The One Most Important Health Necessity

You probably already know that exercising and eating right are key ways to improve your health. But, you may be overlooking one major health necessity that is as close as your kitchen faucet – water. It’s vital all year long, even during winter months when you might think hydration is less important.



5 Lifelong Solutions to Healthier Living

Research shows that every year, nearly half of Americans resolve to make lifestyle changes, but only 8 percent actually achieve those goals.

“Americans have been inundated with quick fixes like fad diets,” says Dr. Tony Norelli, Medical Director, Northwestern Mutual. “We don’t need new ways to live healthier and happier. What’s old is new again.


The Financial Impact of Employee Absenteeism

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – especially for small businesses grappling with the high costs of worker absenteeism. Employee time lost to health issues costs American businesses $84 billion a year. For U.S. businesses, helping workers stay healthy costs far less than the financial impact of having them miss work for illness or injury.


Common Computer Security Myths Cleared Up

All businesses can be susceptible to threats like hackers and computer viruses. Making matters worse is the great deal of misinformation floating around regarding cyber security. The Internet attracts urban legends and computer security isn’t immune from this trend. Many alleged security “facts” are, at best, inaccurate. Some of these myths are recent developments, while others have been around for years.


5 Ways to Safely Lower Insurance Costs

 For many of us, trimming expenses is one of the top New Year’s resolutions that we make. We start cutting them across the board, particularly when it comes to homeowners and auto insurance. While there are smart ways to do this, there are also a lot of bad choices people can make that have dire results and leave them dangerously underinsured.


Do You Need to Have Flood Insurance? (Info-Graphic)

Unfortunately, most Americans do not already have flood insurance included in their traditional homeowners’ policies. If you are not already covered in your current homeowners’ insurance policy, the financial effects could be devastating.

 Source: anitaclark.realtytimes.com/

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