Tips for Derailing Stress at Work

Stress: it makes your heart race, your head pound and your stomach churn.

While a little stress can be a good thing and help motivate us when needed, too much stress can lead to negative health effects including headaches, upset stomach, back pain, trouble sleeping and a weakened immune system. In fact, the American Institute of Stress reports that up to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are due to stress-related health problems.


Five Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

 Today’s rising health care costs can feel out of control. Fortunately, prescription drugs are an exception. Consider these five simple ways to save money on your prescriptions so you can stay healthy and maintain your budget.


1. Ask about generic or lower-cost equivalents.

Your health plan has a list of covered prescription drugs,


Water and Chimneys do Not Mix Well

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water can create more damage to chimneys than fires, and the rainy spring season can exacerbate issues. Whether the chimney is masonry or factory-built, prolonged water exposure can result in cracks or gaps where creosote can collect, increasing the risk of fire or carbon monoxide exposure.


Tips for Maneuvering Houston’s Potholes

With a record-breaking winter and many of us here in Houston experiencing months of relentless rainfall, motorists should remain vigilant when driving over the seemingly never ending number of potholes on our Houston roads.


Did you know that there is actually a pothole protocol? Well, now you do and according to some recent surveys,


Do You Understand Your Rights When Flying?

When weather conditions ground a plane, it creates a domino effect of cancelled flights across the country. Add in that nearly 2 million people fly each day and you could easily find that part of your travels may be spent trying to get a seat on another plane. 

Legal insurance counsel ARAG® advises travelers to keep in mind their rights when flying.


Technology makes it Easier to Commit Identity Theft this Tax Season

It’s the time of year when Americans gather their financial documents and anxiously await news of a tax refund or debt. While many hope to get money back, Time Magazine recently reported that the IRS paid an estimated $5 billion plus in false tax refunds in 2013, and according to Bloomberg Business that number could potentially grow to $21 billion by 2017.


Does Your Business Need Fleet Insurance?

 As a business owner, if you have three or more vehicles in business use and under your ownership, then you should consider motor fleet insurance. Fleet quotes can vary depending on your business requirements. Contact us for advice, as you need to tailor the policy to your unique needs.

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Insurance Lessons for First-Time Homebuyers

If you’re thinking of becoming a homeowner, you’ve likely spent time budgeting for additional expenses – property taxes, lawn care, a big-screen TV to fill up that extra space…you get the idea. But have you factored in protection for your new home?

While you’re crunching numbers, remember to include homeowners insurance. A standard policy will cover exterior and interior damage from incidents like vandalism,


Starting a Conversation with Your Teen about Drugs

Today’s changing social environment and confusing messages about drugs and alcohol may be making it even more difficult for teenagers to get their bearings as they move toward adulthood. That is why it is more important than ever for parents to know what is going on in their kids’ lives and have the skills to respond to their teens appropriately.


Read these 5 Tips before Your Next Road Trip

Across the country people are planning to take longer road trips this spring and summer. If you plan to be one of them, here are five maintenance tips to consider for today’s cars.

New tires? “For four-wheel drive cars and trucks, buy new tires as a complete set,” says RockAuto.com Engineer and Vice President Tom Taylor.