Tips to Protect Your Teen Behind the Wheel

Today’s teens face more distractions than any generation before.

Many don’t recall a time when they were not continuously connected to their friends. Cell phones – which might have been provided as a safety precaution in case Mom or Dad was running late picking them up from school – are now the source of constant messaging,

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How to Keep Ransomware from Kidnapping Your Business

Reports of ransomware—an invasive software that demands ransom to access unlawfully locked digital files—have risen in the last year, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) (StaySafeOnline.org).

Ransomware, which can attack any user, “kidnaps” a range of information, from financial records to photographs, in an attempt to gain ransom in exchange for the return of the information.

emergency or power outage kit: kerosene lantern, matches and candle

Prepare Your Hurricane Emergency Kit with these Tips

Hurricanes may appear to only impact coastal regions, but they can be just as devastating farther inland if homeowners are not prepared.

“A hurricane is a serious threat to residents in coastal areas as well as hundreds of miles inland,” says Brad Kieserman, vice president of Disaster Services Operations and Logistics for the American Red Cross.

collectors item

Protect Your Collectibles from Floods with Collector’s Insurance

Did you know over 90 million Americans collect? And did you know that flooding is the most common cause for losing those valuable collections – especially antique rugs?

Collectibles, or collectors, insurance, can be a worthwhile expense for homeowners possessing extensive, years-in-the-making collections.

Collections valued below $1 million may be covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy,