Common Small Business Insurance Misconceptions

Running a small business is challenging enough without the confusion health insurance can cause. Too often the resulting angst is driven by common misconceptions that experienced advisers can help dispel.

Without a doubt, health insurance continues to be one of the most important and valued benefits that employers can offer to their workers.

Is It Illegal to Ride a Bicycle Drunk?

Deaths of intoxicated cyclists is a “significant problem,” according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They found that these fatalities haven’t declined as much as those of drunk drivers over the years. Pave the way for safer roads for all users by raising awareness with your insureds.

Real World Case Study
Derek rode his bike to work every day,

Insuring Private Art Collections

Between the 1960s and the 1980s, a total of 25 private collections were open to the public as museums. But as the number of collectors has increased and the value of the fine art market has skyrocketed over the past four decades, so too has the number of private galleries. In fact,

Make Sure Your Happy Day is Protected!

If you’re busy planning a wedding, you might want to consider insuring it.

Wedding insurance policies are relatively easy to understand, and the two main types are both inexpensive compared with the cost of a ceremony and reception:
* Liability insurance covers you in case of an injury or property damage at the wedding.