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How Many Times have You Asked this Question?

How many times have you asked the question “How does the perfect spiral, thrown by the quarterback get dropped by the receiver?”

In Insurance, so many times the same question is asked. It all stems from the breakdown in communication. At Baty and Associates we pride ourselves on communication with our clients.

Listening to the needs of the receiver is as important as throwing the pass. We listen to insure we have the correct route designed for our clients to catch the perfect pass.

At Baty and Associates, our groups of professionals huddle with our clients every day to protect them from that catastrophic event.

You need a good team around you and Baty and Associates has been protecting client’s insurance needs for three decades.

Call the Professionals at Baty and Associates and let us design the perfect route. Call us at 713-468-0700 or visit our website: – and while you’re there, check out our new app!

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