Buying Homeowner’s Insurance? Avoid these First Time Blunders

Planning to buy a homeowners insurance policy? Yes, we know this can be quite expensive, especially for the average budget. But industry experts advise that insurance is not where you should begin trimming.

Saving money is something everyone wants and although you should try to buy an affordable policy, you have to ensure that you are not missing out on any important coverage.  As far as insurance policies are concerned, reducing costs also means reducing coverage levels, which you may regret. Should you face a disaster, you may realize that you do not have adequate protection. Definitely not what you want, right?

There are so many people who make mistakes when they are searching for home insurance policies and unfortunately a lot of them go the cheap route with bad end results. So how do you get the best coverage at the best price? Here are a few of the biggest mistakes people make and how you can avoid making them yourself:

You buy insurance for your home’s value rather than the amount needed for rebuilding it

There are many homeowners who insure their properties for actual value. Instead, they should insure it for the costs that will arise in rebuilding the house. Indeed, when you opt for the former option, premiums reduce if home prices fall, and so will the coverage you get from you insurance provider.

A better way to save costs is to agree to pay a higher deductible. Even if you can pay around $500 to $1,000 more, you can save nearly 25% on your premiums.

You do not buy additional coverage

Natural disasters occur without any warnings and at times, the damage can be extensive.  As such, insurance providers offer separate policies for this and more often than not, they are not included in a standard home insurance policy.

See if any natural disasters are common in your area, and accordingly buy additional coverage for them.

You shop by price alone

When you are buying an insurance policy for your home, price is not the first thing you should consider when making a decision. Unfortunately, not many people practice this. If you are among these, the policy you buy will probably provide you with limited coverage. So before you factor in the costs, make sure you are satisfied with the coverage levels your chosen policy features.

Source: www.money.msn.com

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