Certain Dog Breeds Can Affect Home Insurance Premiums

Dogs are adorable. We love them, but unfortunately your home insurance provider might not. In fact, they can refuse to give you coverage.  Even though your dog will not bite anyone because you have trained it so well, insurance companies regard them to be pretty aggressive creatures, and charge you higher premiums if you own a dog. That is not the only thing. At times you can be refused coverage for any claim that involves a dog, and at times, they offer you no coverage at all.

Sounds kind of harsh, right? A lot of other people have thoughts on a similar line. An organization working for the benefits of dogs claim that instead of including all dogs, insurance providers should consider only a few dog breeds to be risky. Some of these include the German shepherd, Akita, Mastiff, Pit bull, Rottweiler and Doberman pinscher.

Why is there such a disparaging view on dogs? Because in the past two years, they have had to pay over $489 million just for dog related claims. Worse is the fact, this amount is increasing every year.


Since you cannot get rid of your dog, is there something else which you can do about this? We suggest that you should start taking quotes from several different insurance providers. All of them follow different rules regarding dogs, and you may be able to get a better rate.

If the offered premium is still high, shop for as many discounts as you can. Maybe you can install a smoke alarm, or maybe you can bundle up policies.


Once you buy a policy, it will protect you in varying circumstances. One coverage included is liability, which will protect you if someone decides to file a lawsuit against you. Make sure your policy provides you adequate coverage. And by the way, your policy will only cover you up to a certain limit. The remaining expenses will have to come out of your pocket. The average coverage limit is around $100,000 but you can raise this up to $500,000 if you agree to pay a nominal fee.

As a dog owner, we suggest that you should buy an umbrella policy as well. This will increase your coverage limits.  Some insurance companies offer this as an extra option and others make it mandatory for you to buy.

Keep our advice in mind, and your dog will have a limited effect on your premiums.


Source: www.zillow.com

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