Checklist for a Reindeer-Ready Roof!

The holidays are fast approaching! Amid the gift-giving, gathering with loved ones and decorating, the season serves as an important reminder for homeowners to make their roofs “reindeer-ready,” or review their roofs.

To do that, the experts at the Metal Roofing Alliance advise completing the following checklist, which can be done without a ladder:

  • Review your homeowner’s insurance policy closely and pay attention to specifics on what is and is not covered under the agreement.
  • For homes with asphalt shingles, look for black areas indicating cracking shingles.
  • For homes with shake or shingles, look for pieces that are curled upward, split, broken off or missing.
  • For homes with slate roofs, look for black areas that indicate slate is missing.
  • Look for heavy wear around the valleys, the areas where water runs off the roof into the gutters.
  • Look at the materials around the chimney and vent pipes and check for cracks, gaps and missing or fractured caulking.
  • Check eave overhangs for water damage.
  • Use binoculars to check around the chimney, trim and other flashings for signs of cracks, shingles that are coming up off the roof and general wear.
  • Conduct an interior inspection for stained or discolored ceilings, which most likely indicates roof problems.
  • Check your gutters for asphalt shingle granules.  Lots of granules mean less coverage on your roof.
  • Remove branches, twigs and leaves from gutters and clear out down spouts to allow for snow and ice run off.

Source: Metal Roofing Alliance

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