Despite Positive Stats 55% Not in Favor of Obamacare

Obamacare has one good outcome: most Americans are now covered. According to the latest stats, there are just 13% Americans who are not covered for health insurance. Last year, this value was 18%. Ever since 2008, this year has recorded the lowest value ever.

The percentage of uninsured Americans started falling when online healthcare exchanges opened up and offered affordable health coverage plans to all individuals. As the deadline neared, more and more people signed up, and today, there are just 13% uninsured Americans left.

The deadline for Obamacare passed last month. At that time, 8 million signups were recorded, whereas the predicted values were around 7 million.

The company, which conducted the survey has other insights to share as well. The percentage of uninsured has decreased, but the most prominent declines can be noted for individuals with lower level incomes and people belonging to the black race.

Among the blacks, there are now 14% uninsured people. Last year, this value was 21%. For those people whose income is lower than $36,000 annually, 25% people are now insured.  In 2013, there were 31% uninsured people from this income level.

Considering the figures of last year, most of the uninsured people were Hispanics, with the percentage being recorded at 39%. The value has now fallen to 33%.

There is also a chance that the uninsured rate will remain nearly the same until the start of next year. At this time, another sign up round has been scheduled, and there is a chance that more will register which will bring the rates down even more.

The stats are good enough, but there are still certain issues involved which can impact the percentage of uninsured people. If these people fail to pay their premiums, they will lose coverage.

An analyst from a reputed research firm claims that as many as 90% of people have already paid their premiums. Another survey states that this percentage is around 6%. In light of this, it is very likely that both of these reports probably contain errors.

Despite the positive stats, there are still over 55% who are not in favor of the Affordable Care Act.


Source: www.dailyfinance.com

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