Do You Mind Paying Higher Restaurant and Grocery Bills to Provide Health Insurance to Workers?

If you were asked to pay a surcharge when dining at a restaurant, fueling your car or buying from the supermarket, would you do it? This extra amount would help businesses provide medical coverage to their workers.  A recent survey asked the respondents this same question, and most of them answered with a yes.

Ever since the Affordable Care Act has been enforced, some restaurants have started charging their customers an extra 1% on their bills so they can offer insurance to their employees. The survey was conducted to observe the reaction people had to this decision.

According to the results, 52% of the people said they did not mind paying a slightly higher bill. 38% were not in favor of the idea, and the remaining respondents either had no idea or did not answer. Among the 38% of people who did not approve of the surcharge, 22% said they will start dining at other restaurants and 16% said they will continue to dine, but keep showing their disapproval of the higher bill.

The survey also asked the respondents if they were in favor of the Affordable Care Act itself. 44% of people said that they want the act to remain enforced. 45% people opposed it and said if there was something which would cause the Act to become ineffective, they would opt for it. The remaining 11% either did not answer or had no idea. 

A similar poll highlights that 13% of the respondents claim that Obamacare had improved their situation.

We talked to some of the industry experts about the results of the survey. One of them told us that the positive response surprised her. She also added that most of the people were in favor only because the survey talked about health insurance. If Obamacare had been mentioned anywhere, the results would have been negative.

Even if it is just coffee, people spend a lot of money on it. So paying a few cents higher for this should not really matter to most of them, was the response given by many of the respondents.

Back to the question we initially asked. Would you answer it with a yes or a no?

Source: www.bankrate.com

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