Do You Really Need Every Insurance Policy Out There?

In the simplest of words, no.  Yes, you need one for your home and for your health, even for your car but what about the rest? We do not think there is any dire need.


Here are a few that you can do away with:

Rental Car Insurance

Auto insurance is something you definitely need. But do you really need protection for the car you rented? Not really; all that is required is a little care and concentration on your part as you drive it through the roads.  If you pay with your credit card for the rent amount, you may already have coverage. And if you have an auto insurance policy, it may be extendible to rental cars as well – check your policy.

So before you are lured into buying one, think again, and check with both your credit card provider and auto insurance provider.

Pet Insurance

Yes, you love your pets to the utmost, but extra coverage for them should not really be on your already too long list of expenses. Cut it a little short, and remove this one off the list. The average insurance rates are around $50 to $100, and rather than spending this amount on your pet, it will be much better if you put it in a savings account for emergency use. Should your pet need it, you can always use these savings rather than buy a whole policy.

Travel Insurance

Excited about your trip? Great, you already must be spending a significant amount on the trip, right? Do not add more to this, and forget about buying travel insurance unless you are going abroad. If you have a proper plan for emergencies, it really is not necessary.  Take some medications with you and any other things, which may be useful in case of emergency.

And by the way, if you have a broad healthcare policy, chances are you are covered for travels as well.

Credit Card Insurance

This is another one which you probably do not need. If you fear defaulting on your payments, avoid using the card too much. As for theft, just report it immediately and you will not be held liable for any amounts greater than $50. If you are afraid that your identity will be stolen, there are businesses out there that will help protect all of your credit cards as well as your personal identity i.e. www.lifelock.com

Source: www.dailyfinance.com

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