Healthcare Reform Met its Goal, but Who’s Going to Deal with the Challenges?

The Obama Administration claims there were over seven million signups for the new healthcare laws. Yes, quite a huge number, but it still does not mean that the New Health Reform is going to be a success. Another enrollment season is due on the 15th of November this year, but there are major challenges along the way. Among these, the most significant are to keep a check on premiums and to ensure that the enrollment process is as user-friendly as possible.

The Obama Administration has indeed demonstrated that their policies are effective, but as to whether they will be a success or not cannot be said with certainty right now.

The opponents do want a repeal, but while at it, they need to focus on those things that will make them stand out against the Affordable Care Act.  Until they do this, there is no way they will get what they want since so many people already have bought the new policies.

Ever since the 1st of January this year, there has been a steady drop in people with no health insurance policies.  This serves to indicate that there are many individuals who can utilize the extensions in the deadline for their advantages. But as the experts claim, the new health reform will not be a success until the charges are addressed.  As already mentioned, affordability and the enrolment process are among the top two.


The rates for health insurance are rising every year, and the same will be the case in the year 2015. But how much will this rise be? Throughout the country, there will be variations in this. And why will these premiums rise? Because of an improvement in economy and a rise in taxes for the insurance companies.

Affordability is not only about the premiums, but applies to deductibles as well. In the recent past, many new insurance plans are characterized by high deductibles, which have resulted in a decline in the premium rates. But can the people really pay this amount should a medical emergency strike?

The next major challenge is the enrollment process. The online exchanges are too difficult to navigate. There is no clear indication as to which doctors and hospitals fall under a certain plan, and efforts have to be made to figure this out.

If the Obama Administration does carve out success, they will have to remove the above mentioned challenges.

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 Source: www.money.usnews.com

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