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Commercial Insurance

B&A is focusing on providing Risk Management Solutions for clients in all areas of commercial business. Some areas of specialization:

 • Construction
 • Maintenance
 • Manufacturing
 • Marine Construction (Ships, Barges, and Tugs)
 • Oilfield Service
 • Waste Management and Landfills
 • Habitational Risks
 • Commercial Properties

Loss Control

With our Loss Control and Safety Analysis Group we can zero in on types of losses and determine cause and effect. With implementing procedures coupled with a full time Safety Program we can help mitigate claims and create a positive trending which in turn maintains marketability for our accounts.

Personal Insurance

B&A is dedicated to helping its client’s partner with our Private Client Group for true comprehensive reviews of ever changing risk. Offering ideas and suggestions helps keep our clients in tune with their Personal Portfolios. This will Include Home, Auto, Flood, Personal Effects, Fine Art, Jewelry, Ranches, Second Homes, Yachts, Pleasure Craft, Aviation and Personal Excess Liability.


Benefits are for ever changing and with laws and tax implications B&A continues to keep our clients informed on news that can affect our clients. With constant reviews of each account and the activity it has regarding their claims lets B&A know what direction to navigate our clients through the trouble waters. With Deductible Programs, Self Insured Programs, to Guaranteed Cost, B&A can find the program and the Carrier that best fits our client’s needs.


Commercial bonds are designed to ensure your business runs smoothly. Whether you have concerns of employee theft or a subcontracted project not being completed properly, a bond can help ensure you are remunerated when promised services are not delivered or when an employee decides to take from the company.  The staff at B&A can assist you with all your bonding needs.  From the smallest bonds to multi-million-dollar commercial and contract bonds, we can help you find the bond that fits your needs.

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