Mold Remediation – Tips for Hiring the Right Contractor


Mold removal in a home or business is an expense that most property owners do not plan for. However, when toxic mold spores infest a residential or commercial building due to excessive moisture, flooding, sewage backup, or any other water damage, remediation is necessary to prevent harmful health risks to occupants of the property as well as preventing deadly structural damages to the building itself. Due to the inherent health risks, mold remediation is part of an industry that is heavily protected by third-party governing bodies like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Certification (IICRC) as well as the United Sates Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and OSHA. 

Hiring a mold removal contractor is a process in which property owners must exercise extreme precaution before choosing the right company for the job. Finding the right contractor means more than finding the best bargain price for services. Residential and commercial mold remediation requires certified technicians and project managers to carefully map out a scope of work while completing the service with precision and caution. Knowing the difference between mold contractors who follow these strict guidelines as opposed to the general restoration companies who may potentially cut corners to save time and money can save property owners a lot of time, money, resources, and property damage.

First and foremost, proper containment must be set up in order to ensure the safety of the property’s inhabitants as well as to prevent the spread of the toxic fungus to other areas of the home or business. Setting up suitable containment can only be learned via certification courses offered by third-party governing bodies of the restoration industry like the IICRC. Without utilizing proper training techniques or adhering to the IICRC’s S520 Guidelines for Mold Remediation, home and business owners risk their health as well as the structural integrity of their infested property.

Another detail that highlights the difference between mold contractors and general contractors only attempting to remove mold is the use of chemicals and cleaning agents that should not be utilized when dealing with the eradication of toxic mold. The EPA and OSHA have devised a precise list of safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents that should be used during mold remediation. Many of these cleaning agents are deemed safe enough to use in hospitals and schools around the U.S. If a general contractor is unaware of the IICRC Guidelines and practices, it is likely that harsh, unapproved chemicals may be used during the mitigation process.

Source: SI Restoration

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  1. Paul Langley

    This is some really important information for anyone whose home or business may have been exposed to possible mold growth. I know a lot of people think that they can deal with it on their own, but that is never advisable. Containment alone is an important enough reason to need to hire a contractor, and safety is another. Thanks so much for writing!

  2. Pancho Cham

    I recently found out that my home may possibly have mold, and I want to hire a removal contractor to check to make sure if I do. I’ll make sure to hire someone who can do things right, without causing so much damage to my home. That way I can get the most out of the inspection.

  3. Justin Knox

    Thank you for the help. I recently noticed a small area of mold in my house and am looking for a mold remediation service now. I definitely want someone that is certified, as you mentioned. Is it possible to get a quote on this type of service?

  4. Mold is no joke! A lot of people think they can just clean it with bleach on their own and everything will be fine. It’s very important to hire a certified and reputable mold remediation company unless you want to risk the health of yourself and anyone else living in the home!

  5. My parents recently had a flood in their basement, and we want to help them find a mold restoration company. As you said, there is definitely more to it than just finding a good price, you need quality. We will be sure to find a most qualified, certified technician possible!

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