Myths Associated with the Affordable Care Act

There are a lot of changes to this year’s tax code – 46 to be exact – as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). What’s most important is to be aware if your taxes – and your annual refund – will be affected.

Tax experts at H&R Block address common myths associated with the ACA and how they may impact your taxes:

Myth: If you chose not to have health insurance in 2014 and don’t qualify for an exemption,


Employer Mandate Delayed: Retailers and Restaurants Delighted

The Obamacare employers mandate has been delayed yet again. Republicans and businesses offer criticism on the decision, but there are some people who are really happy about it; restaurants and retailers.

Both restaurants and retailers believe that the delay is an indication of the fact that the Obama Administration is going to collaborate with businesses in an attempt to eliminate some of the burdens of the Affordable Care Act.


How Much Can a Health Insurance Penalty Cost?

Do you not like the new healthcare plan? You will have to pay huge amounts in fines if you do not buy a policy.

The HealthCare.gov site had a rocky start and there were so many people who did not want to accept the new reforms. If you are among those who are not interested in buying a new health insurance policy any time soon,

Number of People Eligible for Help With Buying Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act

By the Numbers Breakdown of Americans Eligible for Health Insurance (Infographic)

A by-the-numbers breakdown of how many Americans are eligible for health insurance premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act.



by curiona.
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Obamacare Flaws and Making the Health Reform Program Better for Everyone

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect and is characterized by major blunders. You may have already heard about this because this is what most of the news has been about. Can the new health reforms be made better? Obviously, the answer is yes. But is the government ready to do anything about this.


Similar Hospitals but Different Insurance Rates

A recent study has revealed some interesting facts about private hospital insurance. Though the hospitals exist in the same cities and offer pretty much the same facilities, the residents are charged twice the general amount at some of these.

All the highest priced hospitals are paid more than 60% for their inpatient services whereas for their outpatient care,


New Health Insurance Policies in Texas

According to recent news, Texans are required to buy health insurance before 2014 or they would be penalized. This is due to the introduction of the Affordable Care Act which starts from October 1st. This is a branch out of the infamous Obamacare. Even though plans and costs haven’t been divulged yet,


Benefits Changes – Are You Prepared?

As you plan for the last quarter of the year, have you reviewed strategies for your benefits portfolio?

We can navigate the challenges you face.

1.    Changes made before January 1, 2014 might be helpful in dealing with Health Care Reform in the coming year.

2.    There are responsibilities for employers beginning October 1,


Health Insurance Premiums for Employer-Sponsored Insurance Plans

Employers have long been sponsoring health insurance plans for their employees. It’s indeed an effective gesture to let employees know they are valued. However, the recent trend with reference to premium growth for health insurance plans has received mixed reactions from the buyers and insurers/users.

It’s been more than a decade that health insurance premiums have been showing an upward trend.