Does Your Business Need Fleet Insurance?

 As a business owner, if you have three or more vehicles in business use and under your ownership, then you should consider motor fleet insurance. Fleet quotes can vary depending on your business requirements. Contact us for advice, as you need to tailor the policy to your unique needs.

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Business Owners, Do You Have Commercial Insurance?

So you are a proud business owner of a thriving company. As flourishing as your company may be; what if the tables suddenly turned against you? You can never determine when a misfortune will strike. For all these unforeseen situations, it is better to seek protection through purchasing commercial insurance and keep both your business and your finances protected.


Business Insurance at a Glance

Are you having doubts about your commercial insurance coverage?  Do you wonder if your business is adequately covered?  Are your contractual requirements being met?   Are your certificates of insurance being rejected?  If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, you need to fire your insurance agent. 


There are basic insurance coverages needed for all businesses and then there are additional coverages needed for varying types of exposures.