Stop – Think – Connect: Good Cyber Security Habits

Every internet user agrees: cyber security is a must.

“As every one of us, our families and our communities become increasingly connected, it becomes even more critical to practice good cyber security habits,” says Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). “A recent NCSA/Microsoft survey of 13- to 17-year-old teens,


Cyber Insurance is becoming a Must for Businesses…Are You Covered?

Does your business require you to store sensitive details of your clients? Even if that is not so, your company will have data that is sensitive. In the online world, cyber crime has become common and many intruders lurk around trying to gain access to your network and steal your information. What if these people succeed?


Understanding Cyber Liability


The cyber liability insurance world has many special challenges.  No business is safe from a data breach.  This has been proven by high-profile companies such as Sony and Epsilon who made headlines due to their data breaches.  In addition, hackers are continuing to advance their strategies.  Following are a few key trends in the cyber liability insurance world: 


Cyber Liability Insurance

Those risk managers who buy cyber liability insurance, and the brokers and agents who help arrange cyber liability insurance coverage, know that the cyber liability insurance world presents many special challenges.

With many high-profile data breaches at companies like Sony and Epsilon gracing headlines last year, businesses are starting to realize that no one specific industry is safe from a data breach—and hackers are quickly evolving their strategies.