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Protect Your Collectibles from Floods with Collector’s Insurance

Did you know over 90 million Americans collect? And did you know that flooding is the most common cause for losing those valuable collections – especially antique rugs?

Collectibles, or collectors, insurance, can be a worthwhile expense for homeowners possessing extensive, years-in-the-making collections.

Collections valued below $1 million may be covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy,


Flood Insurance Challenges Grow for the Real Estate Industry

Freddie Mac recently released its monthly Insight for April with a focus on the flood challenges the industry faces, the current system in the United States for dealing with flood risk, and some questions that will have to be addressed if climate change raises sea levels significantly.

Insurance is an essential component of real estate transactions,


Post-Flood Cleanup Tips

Not all damage from flooding takes place while your home is under water. Long after the flood waters have receded, mold and mildew can present serious and ongoing health issues, says FEMA. Mold and mildew can start growing within 24 hours after a flood, and can lurk throughout a home, including the attic, basement and crawl spaces.


No Such Thing as a Zero-Risk Zone


Did you know standard homeowners insurance does not cover flood risk? A separate flood policy can protect you from footing the bill for flood-related repairs. This policy is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), or through a few private insurance companies, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.).



Simple Steps to Protect Your Home from Seasonal Floods

 Are you prepared for potential flooding this season?

“With the change of seasons comes the risk of heavy rains, and rising waters—we’re all at some level of flood risk,” said Andrew Velasquez III, FEMA Region V administrator. “It is important we prepare now for the impact floods could have on our homes, our businesses and in our communities.”

 Take action with these simple steps to protect what matters most before a flood threatens your area.


Do You Need to Have Flood Insurance? (Info-Graphic)

Unfortunately, most Americans do not already have flood insurance included in their traditional homeowners’ policies. If you are not already covered in your current homeowners’ insurance policy, the financial effects could be devastating.


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Guidelines to Make You Flood-Smart

There is a major need to purchase flood insurance if you are living in a flood zone. Areas that are flood prone are usually in coastal regions or are near bodies of water or rivers. There has been a massive increase in flooding and extreme rainfall incidents due to increasing moisture from a warming global climate along with an increase in land development.


Battle Over Flood Insurance Continues: Homeowners Suffer but What About Condo Owners?

You are probably aware that flood insurance rates have risen significantly in areas that are more prone to them. Ever since this began, concerned homeowners have begun to grumble and express their concerns, and are unfortunately getting a deaf ear.  Indeed, the Biggert-Waters Flood Reform is meant to be advantageous, but what about the average homeowner?


The Perfect Storm

Have you ever heard the phrase “The Whole Town Is under Water”? I think we should look at our chances of 2017 being the real deal. In June of 2001, Tropical Storm Allison dumped her water on this city and turned high ground into people seeking refuge on tops of roofs, hoods of cars and being rescued by boats and Coast Guard Helios.


Preparing for Floods…are You Covered?

The average flood loss cost is $48,000 for homeowners and $85,000 on commercial property according to the National Flood Insurance Program.  With hurricane Sandy looming on the east coast we are all reminded of how our Texas coasts were affected by hurricane Ike. 

Now is the time to prepare for floods and consider your flood insurance needs.