Tips to Boost Your Brain Power

When you think about health and wellness, what first comes to mind? Most likely it’s along the lines of fitness, healthy eating and doctor’s appointments. But have you ever considered the importance of brain health as you age?

According to the National Institute on Aging, research shows that a complex interaction between your DNA,


Heat Related Illnesses can Seriously Cool off Your Summer Fun

 Enjoying fun in the sun is one of the great pastimes of summer. But heat-related illnesses can seriously cool off your summer fun, so it’s important to protect yourself from sun and hot weather while you’re outdoors this season.


Normally, the body cools itself by sweating, but when the weather is particularly hot and humid,


Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

With so many fitness trends, you might not think of walking as good exercise. If you’re not thrusting a kettlebell over your head, pushing a tractor trailer tire or shaking your hips to a Top 40 dance beat in a scheduled group class, you’re not cutting it, right? Well, not so fast. Walking is actually a great way to get in shape.


Developing a Long-Term Care Plan for You and Your Family

Most of us have spent the better part of the last seven months bundled up or buried in snow, but the time has come to shed the layers and ditch the itchy, bulky sweaters and start anew.

For so many of us, this means spring cleaning. The washing of, or planting of or for some,


Accidental Medication Poisoning in Children on the Rise

Nearly 1 million children under the age of 5 are exposed to potentially poisonous medications and household chemicals every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And more than 60,000 young children end up in the emergency room each year from wrongly ingesting medications.

It’s not only parents who need to be aware of the risks;


5 Tips to Survive Spring Allergies

Spring is upon us, and if you have seasonal allergies, you may be less excited about that than most. After all, what fun is finally freeing your face from that scarf if you’re just going to bury it in a tissue? It’s no fun at all, but allergies don’t have to make you miserable.

“The key to surviving spring allergies is knowing what triggers your symptoms,” said allergist James Sublett,


22% of Americans Would Opt for Higher Taxes for Free Healthcare


Two-thirds of millennials expect to receive a tax refund this year, more than any other age group, Bankrate.com reports. The likelihood of receiving a tax refund decreases with age: just 35 percent of people age 50 and older anticipate getting money back from the government.

Although experts generally frown upon receiving a tax refund because it amounts to an interest-free loan to the government,


Protect Your Child from these Window-Related Incidents

More than 3,300 injuries occur each year as a direct result of window hazards at home, according to a recent Safe Kids Worldwide Report. If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to remain vigilant when it comes to protecting you and your loved ones, especially if you have children.

Stay safe from window-related incidents with these tips from leading door and window manufacturer Pella:

• Move furniture that children can climb on,


Tips for Derailing Stress at Work

Stress: it makes your heart race, your head pound and your stomach churn.

While a little stress can be a good thing and help motivate us when needed, too much stress can lead to negative health effects including headaches, upset stomach, back pain, trouble sleeping and a weakened immune system. In fact, the American Institute of Stress reports that up to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are due to stress-related health problems.


Five Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

 Today’s rising health care costs can feel out of control. Fortunately, prescription drugs are an exception. Consider these five simple ways to save money on your prescriptions so you can stay healthy and maintain your budget.


1. Ask about generic or lower-cost equivalents.

Your health plan has a list of covered prescription drugs,