Simple Health Tweaks to Start the New Year Fresh

The new year is a great time to start fresh. Many people commit to exercise more, stress less or make healthier food choices. Incorporating small, sustainable changes, versus dramatic, large-scale lifestyle shifts, can make it much easier to stick to your resolutions. This year, instead of overhauling your entire diet, resolve to improve your health with simple tweaks to your everyday meal and snacking routine.


5 Quick Things You Can Do to Protect Your Identity in 2015


Exercise. Lose the weight. Answer every incoming email.

Those are the hard kinds of New Year’s resolutions, because you have to think about them every day for the rest of the year. Many are forgotten long before Valentine’s Day.

But here’s one important resolution, one you can fulfill today and easily keep all year: protect your identity.


Five Financial Habits for 2015

While many people focus on personal health goals in the new year, the beginning of the year is also a great time to check your financial fitness. So how can you whip your finances into shape?

South University College of Business, Virginia Beach faculty member Dr. Alan Harper says everyone should adopt these five financial habits in 2015:

Establish a budget

Harper says the first step in taking control of your finances is to establish a budget.


Instead of Fruitcake, Give the Gift of Fitness

 A good gift keeps on giving long after you’ve recycled the wrapping paper and put away the decorations. A great gift keeps giving in ways that change people’s lives for the better. This holiday season, give the people you love something that will contribute to their lives day after day, month after month. Instead of fruitcake,


Car Care Tips for the Harsh Winter Temperatures

Preparing your car for harsh winter temperatures before they strike is a great way to ensure your vehicle will be able to handle the year’s coldest months. Both new and old cars need maintenance during this season. Following the car care tips below will help to keep your vehicle running at its peak from now until spring.


Tips to Stay Healthy on the Way to Grandma’s House

Whether heading to grandma’s house for the holidays or to a tropical destination to get away from the cold, winter travel comes with the added challenge of staying healthy.

Crowded airports and train stations and tight guest quarters make us all more exposed to germs – and this year’s cold and flu season is projected by the 


Steps to Reduce Allergens in Your Home this Holiday Season

When the holidays arrive, do you sigh in relief, assuming allergies are one problem you won’t have to worry about during this busy, high-stress season? Don’t let your guard down too soon. From holiday decorations and gifts to more time indoors with pet dander and dust mites, the holiday season presents unique risks for people with allergies and asthma.


Food Preparation Safety Tips for the Holidays

As friends and family gather together during the holidays, you want to make sure that you keep out any unwelcome guests in the form of harmful food borne bacteria. The following tips will ensure food safety and a great time for everyone at your table.

Wash your hands and clean all prep surfaces and tools regularly during food preparation.


Driving with a Newborn Checklist

Babies change everything. Their arrival means that new parents need to become educated – quickly – on cribs, strollers and most importantly, child-safety seats and all their rules. And as federal recommendations on car seats continue to evolve, parents have one more thing to stay on top of.


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