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Health Insurance: There is No One-Size-Fits-All

When it comes to choosing health insurance, there is no “one size fits all.” Factors to consider include your age, lifestyle, marital status, and more. Whether you’re a newlywed, a new parent, recent college graduate or recently retired, there are several things you should consider when selecting your plan.  


Six Myths about the Flu and the Truth Behind Them

Ready for this year’s flu season? You may think you know a lot about flu prevention and treatment – but being wrong about the flu can make you downright ill. Here are six myths about the flu, and the truth behind them.


Myth 1: Cold weather will give you the flu.


How to Qualify for Affordable health Insurance with No Job and No Money

These are hard times for everyone and it is extremely difficult to get a job in the market today, which is exactly why there is a high number of Americans who are without any form of health insurance. The fact of the matter is that most people simply can’t afford personal health insurance,