The Perfect Storm

Have you ever heard the phrase “The Whole Town Is under Water”? I think we should look at our chances of 2017 being the real deal. In June of 2001, Tropical Storm Allison dumped her water on this city and turned high ground into people seeking refuge on tops of roofs, hoods of cars and being rescued by boats and Coast Guard Helios. You may also have heard someone say, “I never thought I would flood; this land has never seen water this high, Ever!”


As most know Houston is known as the Bayou City and is real close to being a Big Island. With two major Rivers (The Brazos and The Trinity) on the cities boundaries and a Bayou that cuts through the middle of the city, we have water boiling at the chance to escape their banks.


Here is the Perfect Storm that Houston has not yet seen. If you take a tropical storm such as Allison and add a High Tide of the rivers and bayous, combine those two ingredients and the result is “The Whole Town Will Be Under Water”; Allison hit on a low tide.


Since 2001 there has been major development and new construction in places that have never seen concrete in this city and as a result, we have seen flooding in places that had never flooded before. Just ask the residents behind Memorial City Mall that flooded from a torrential down pour here recently. The water has nowhere to go except up, and we need to be prepared.


We suggest having a plan. If evacuation is not an option have Plan B, and by the way, evacuation is not always a good idea unless you know well in advance. Typically tropical storms bring more rain than Hurricanes because they are slow moving and do not have the high winds.


Check your insurance program or consult your agent and make sure you carry Flood Insurance, it’s inexpensive and protects for that non typical rainy day. I continue to say “it’s not if it will happen, its when it will happen.”

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