Traffic Tickets that Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Were you ever given a traffic ticket? Yeah, we know the experience is humiliating, but that is not the only drawback. Traffic tickets affect your budget as well. You will have to pay a fine, and since your driving history is no longer clean, your insurance rates will most likely increase.  A study claims that for just one violation, you might have to bear a 93% rise in your premium rates.  The study also highlighted that if your offense is more serious, the increases will also be higher. And it isn’t only the premiums that are affected. If the violations increase, you may not be provided with coverage any more.

While every traffic ticket will impact your premiums in some way, we have highlighted the ones that have the most prominent effects on your auto insurance.

Driving while Drunk

Everyone knows this; you cannot drive if you are drunk, and if you get caught, you will not only have to pay a huge fine, but also factor in a rise of over 93% for your auto insurance premiums. Generally, if you get a ticket for the first time, insurance providers may ignore it, but not when you get caught while driving under the influence. In fact, if you accumulate three or four of these, your provider will not cover you anymore.

So why is driving while drunk deemed so serious? Studies claim that in 2013, drunk drivers killed an individual every hour.

Reckless Driving

A reckless driving ticket will cause your premiums to rise by around 82%. In every state, the definitions vary slightly. In the most general of terms, it means that you are ignoring other people’s safety and may damage their properties. What are the consequences? In most cases, it is penalties, but you may also be sentenced to jail time.



Most insurance providers often waive a speeding ticket if it’s the first time and less than 10 mph over the prescribed limits. In other cases, the rise in premiums depends on the speed you were driving. For 15 mph above limit, it is around 21% and for 30 mph above the limit, the rise can be as much as 30%. 

Careless Driving

Careless driving is not the same as reckless driving. With reckless driving, you are a threat to others but with careless driving, you are just breaking the laws like changing lanes without any indication. Your premiums increase by 27% if you get charged with this driving offense.


Source: www.bankrate.com

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