Wedding Insurance… Should You Buy or Not?

Your big day is just around the corner, and all the preparations are underway.  There is nothing that can go wrong with all that you have planned for your wedding day. But despite your efforts, what if it does? You might not be considering this, but the truth is there are many ways in which your wedding can go wrong. Should this happen, what will you do then?  As long as you are protected, there is not much to worry about.

If you are having a low-key wedding, you do not require any insurance, but if the wedding is on a huge scale, you should definitely consider wedding insurance.

So what exactly is covered and what is not?

If someone backs out

If you or your to be spouse suddenly realize that you two are not the perfect couple you imagined you were, then there is no insurance policy that will offer you coverage. However, if there is a serious incident in your family like a death or illness because of which the wedding is postponed, you will be protected. Same goes if you or your partner are called for military service.  If any of your key vendors fail in showing up, you will be covered.

If someone gets injured

If an unfortunate guest at your wedding gets injured, you will be covered by most of the policies out there. However, there is a time period for this which varies between 24 hours to 48 hours. Generally, most companies will offer you protection from the rehearsal dinner until the reception. If your guest is injured before or after this, you are probably not getting any coverage.

And what about the extras?

Extra coverage depends on the amount you agree to pay.  Suppose your gifts get stolen, you may either be given full or partial coverage depending on the features of your policy.

And the costs?

Wedding insurance costs around $125 to $400. There are so many people who buy a vehicle worth $30,000, and get it insured.  And yet people will spend $30,000 on a wedding, but do not give much consideration to coverage. In this light, buying wedding insurance does sound reasonable enough.

So do you need wedding insurance? If you do not want to bear major expenses or losses at the eleventh hour, then yes.



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